How It All Got Started

GunShot Rider of the Summer Live Band Series at XIT

It Started with Brothers Randy & Stephen White. The White Family moved to the Dalhart Area in the 70’s with Randy & Stephen’s Dad Establishing a Family-Run Business in the Local Agricultural Industry. American Sprayers, a Crop Dusting Business, was born. In 2000 Randy & Stephen purchased the company from their Dad.

The White Family has always been known for their Texas Hospitality & Texas Cooking Cuisine. Each Year the Brothers host the ANNUAL FISH FRY for their Agricultural Customers, Families & Friends. People have “Driven for Miles” to Partake in the White Family’s Annual Event.

Of Course Over Time, Randy & Stephen’s Family & Friends have Encouraged the Brothers to Expand their Texas Hospitiality & Texas Cooking Cuisine into a Texas-Style Restaurant in keeping with their Spirit of TRUE Texas Hospitality & Texas-Heritage Cuisine. Following Years of “Cussing & Discussing” the Brothers in April of 2014 decided it was TIME to Open 10-IN-TEXAS (XIT) WOODFIRE GRILL.

The Restaurant was built in Keeping with the XIT History & the Dalhart Area Tradition (please see Inside of Our Menu or visit Our WebSite to Journey the XIT History in addition to getting more tidbits). The Inside Walls of Randy & Stephen’s New Restaurant made of Wood & Tin are from an Old Barn outside of Dalhart dating back to the early 1900s. The Brands that adorn their New Restaurant Walls Show the History of the Dalhart Area dating back Decades.  The Saloon name & the Saddle at the Front Entrance Pay Tribute to the “EMPTY SADDLE” which is a Tradition of Honoring the Cowboys who Once Served & Worked the XIT Ranch.

We are Honored to have You in Our Restaurant. We Hope you Find Our Hospitality to Be a TRUE TEXAS WELCOME & Our Food to be TRUE TEXAS HERITAGE. On Your Way Out Please consider Purchasing Our 10-in-Texas Memorabilia and perhaps Our Secret Family Seasonings.